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26 year old, private dietary physician from Melbourne, Australia.

"Being able to infuse my water with my own selection of cucumbers, limes and strawberries has promoted so many positive changes in the way I live each day."

We chatted to Eliza about her new Infusa drink bottle and if this small change had any larger impacts on her day to day life.

Hey Eliza! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 26 year old, private dietary physician from Melbourne, Australia and I’ve been using my Infusa Drink Bottle since August 2019.

Why did you purchase our Infusa Water Bottle?

I first decided to buy an Infusa water bottle because I thought they looked beautiful and they benefits sounded appealing to me. I am also always trying new health products to further my own understanding of new health trends and whether they work.

What is your favourite colour?

I do love my green bottle, but I recently purchased an orange one that I think is even more stunning.

What was your reaction after using Infusa for the first time?

I absolutely loved it! On my first time using it I used slice lemons from my tree  and went to work with it, lets just say I had to refill my bottle more then 3 times that day because it was too tasty! 

What is your Infusa routine now?

In the morning I always use fill my bottle up and in some mint leaves and strawberries or cucumber and a slice of lime.

What has Infusa done for you personally?

People around me are started to notice that my skin and overall energy increased after I started using Infusa but most importantly I was feeling better. I have started recommending Infusa to my patients and coworkers as I truly think it's one of the best ways to achieve your recommended daily water intake without the looming temptations of drinking sugary, chemical dense drinks.

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