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Thermic Vests is a Melbourne Based Brand specialising in tech-clothing, carefully curated with every day people in mind. As the name suggests, Thermic Vests is our range of warm unisex vests that have heating capabilities whilst also being water and wind resistant.

As a group of friends growing up in the mountains, we always joked about why nobody made clothes with inbuilt heaters. Imagining the possibilities we could have by combining cutting edge heating technology in keeping warm with lightweight and high quality gear. So we did something about it. We started a store where people from all sides of the globe could feel welcomed and share in our desire to keep toasty through a product that has improved our lives, especially during those cold winter months.


We wanted a product that could be tailored to everyone, no matter the gender, age or preferred temperature. So our vests have cutting edge temperature variability technology at the touch of a button. Choose what temperature suits you at any given time from our 3 inbuilt modes: Warm, Comfort and Eco.


One of our primary goals as a company is to transition towards a more sustainable world. We achieve this by redirecting a significant portion of our profits to charities that are committed to promoting a more eco-friendly society.


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Our products are made with high quality durable materials. Perfect for all adventures!

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